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The Strategy Group-México

While the scope of The Strategy Group is truly global, with engagements and business experience in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia, and Europe, Latin America is an important area of sub-specialty. Alan Heath has been working in México since the 1980s and throughout Central and South America for more than a decade. Our special interest in having this sub-specialty is based on a number of factors, among which are, the rising importance of the Latin American economy in the world; the potential for economic growth and wealth creation in the region; the close link of many of the countries with the US, including personal connections of their people through joint citizenship, asset ownership and education; the prevalence and importance of family businesses; and the openness to and need for advanced succession and transition planning.

The Strategy Group has a deep understanding of and respect for Latin culture, particularly as it relates to the importance (and complications) of inheritance, both familial and monetary. We are well versed in dealing with language differences and cultural nuances, and have a passion for working with families in this part of the world.

The Strategy Group is well positioned to assist families throughout México, Central and South America. Certain of us have proficiency in the written and spoken Spanish and Portuguese languages and we have several long-standing relationships with partner organizations and outside consultants with additional expertise relevant to this area of the world.

We are uniquely positioned among firms in our field since we have a separate company in México that focuses primarily on Mexican assignments and that also assists with our work throughout South and Central America and, as needed, in other parts of the world. It is owned and managed by individuals with a long history and proven business track records in the Mexican and Latin American market. The principals and founders of our Mexican organization are:

Also part of our organization are the following advisors with deep experience in México and Latin America:

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