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The Strategy Group approach is hands on, rather than solely academic or theoretical, a perspective that has grown out of practical business experience in the executive suite and through positions as a non-family manager in family owned enterprises. We employ business tactics and then we augment them with methods rooted in psychology and academic disciplines, such as family systems theory. Our assignments are highly confidential, extremely personal and involve in-depth conversation and evaluation of business, organizational, and family dynamics.

The Strategy Group is committed to fostering a working environment characterized by trust and openness. As such, confidentiality and discretion are paramount. We also understand that your family, family office and family enterprises will be unique and have a distinct set of characteristics and communication styles. The Strategy Group’s founder and managing director, Alan Heath, has more than 30 years of knowledge in this field gained working for and with family owned and closely held enterprises. His practice and that of the firm is built on first-hand observations and expertise that can be modified to suit your family and not on a set of static tools. We “facilitate”, engage the family in creating tailor made processes and concentrate on follow through and accountability.

Over time, The Strategy Group has come to specialize in several key areas of advising family enterprises, family offices, family businesses, family foundations, and families in general. These specialties include: corporate/family governance, succession and transition planning, ownership change, wealth accumulation and wealth management issues and structuring, conflict resolution, family offices, wealth education, family career planning, and ownership and beneficiary training. We believe that a crucial element of long-term success in a family of wealth is educated and informed steward-owners and beneficiaries.

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“Alan has been a tremendous help in better understanding the deeper concerns of our most important clients and a great contributor to creating closer relationships with them”

— South American wealth management professional

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